Welcome to La Scandell's travel page!

Our journey started on the 7th May departing Brisbane, we did an overnight sail to the Sandy Straits. Presently, we are cruising the beautiful Whitsunday Islands and plan on staying in the area for several months before returning to Brisbane then Sydney.

We are members of the Shag Islet Cruising Yacht Club (SICYC) and often see other members while cruising. It is easy to identify ourselves by using our little 'burgee'.

The club is growing rapidly and we are all looking forward to the Montes Reef Resort & Dingo Beach fancy dress August party week. So far the club has attacted over 2595 members and growing.

The crew of La Scandell thoroughly recommend the cruising life because you meet so many great people and have a million dollar view from your own boat everyday!

We had a great time in the Whitsunday Islands, had the greatest time at the SICYC Rendezvous 2011, met and made so many great new friends. Now its all over for another year and we are heading South to go an a P&O Cruise.

Mark & Susan

Great view looking out over the water, made even better when
sipping one of the many cocktails on the beverage list at the
Coral Sea Resort
Sue with her new pet

Grotty Yachty Clothing - a must while sailing

Sandra (second from left) has dressed us nicely in the Grottly Yachty Clothing

Sundowners with the crews of Orbit, Goodonya and Fearless

Charlie playing a few Danish tunes at the Cruisers BBQ. We all had great time!  Charlie (a musician) and crew are sailing the East Coast following in the steps of Captain Cook on their Sailing Vessel "Orbit".
Made some new Danish friends.
Shingley Beach at Airlie great meeting place to share with friends.  Free BBQ's overlooks the marina.

Hogs Breath Cafe Airlie Beach

Weekly meeting at Hogs Breath Cafe Airlie Beach with our other Shag Islet Cruising Yacht Club members.
.Making sure all SICYC Club members have food as well as beer, food is provided by Hogs Breath Cafe

View of our back yard

Pioneer Bay Airlie Beach

Whitehaven Beach

Enjoying Whitehaven Beach with family and friends

Simon & Julie

Good friends of ours Simon & Julie were lucky enough to 'win' life time berthing at any Meridien Marina for their yacht Goodonya.

Fish Feeding

A bat fish looking for food
Our sailing vessel 'La Scandell'. We are totally self sufficient and have everything we need.